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All of us can run, but how many of us have ever been taught how to run?

A lot of the time, we just do what comes naturally to us.  Loping strides and flailing arms are just two of the things that may feel instinctual, but are not necessary efficient.

When it comes to endurance sports, efficiency is the name of the game!  And while there isn’t a hard and fast rule regarding what the “right” running style is, there are definitely traits that we can learn from the top runners.

Our running form analysis will look at your current running form (in which ever shoes you choose.  There is no need to purchase a pair of shoes from us to use our analysis service) and the first round of video analysis will involve picking out areas for us to work on.  After we have identified these areas, we’ll discuss some ways to address them and go through some drills.  At the end of the session, we get you to hop back on the treadmill and voila,  we’re on our way!

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Working on running form is a constant work in progress and the analysis session is by no means the end of the journey!  Armed with the new information we have learnt from the video analysis, we send you away to work on the areas we have identified.

If you have chosen the Running Form Analysis (XL), you will receive a personalised report from us that includes screen captures from your analysis, notes on what we found and pointers covering what to work on.  Each Running Form Analysis session lasts for about 60min and costs $90 – $120.

What Running Form (Standard) Running Form (XL)
Cost $120 $200
Duration 60 – 70min 60 – 70min
Includes Video analysis from 2 angles (from the back and from the side) Video analysis from 2 angles (from the back and from the side)
Focus on improving running economy Focus on improving running economy
Video file sent via email Video file sent via email
Personalised report

Proper technique helps to keep injuries away and ensures your longevity in the sport.  Running form is not a concept just for the ‘elites’ or high performance athletes.  Athletes of all levels benefit from an improvement in form and The Runner’s Gait wants to make sure the technology and expertise to do so is accessible to everyone.  Do take note that the Running Form Analysis is best suited to athletes with a certain level of experience and knowledge of technique.  If you are unsure if this is the analysis for you, we’ll be happy to chat about it and help you out.

Running form analysis is offered from Tuesdays to Fridays and requires an appointment to be made at least 24hours prior.

For more information or to make an appointment, gives us a call at +65 64567868 or email us at [email protected]

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