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Fitbar Your Way to Better Performance

If you aren’t using a foam roller as part of your regular training regime, it’s not too late to start now!

Self myofascial release is an athlete’s best friend and helps keep your body in tiptop condition.

Use the Fitbar before your workouts to get the muscles warmed up or post-workout to jump start your recovery.

Low Density bars
Ironbar – Medium Density
Rawbar – High Density

The complete range of Fitbar rollers is available now!

Store Run Update!

The goodies just keep coming!

Our dear friend Erik (The Fit Bar) will be coming down to the Store Run to conduct a Pre-Run rolling session!  We at The Runner’s Gait are big fans of the FitBar and we’re very happy to have Erik demonstrate and share the myofascial release benefits of rolling with all of us.

Details of the Pre-Run Roll are as follows:

  • When:  29 Jan 2012 at 715am (BEFORE the Store Run)
  • Where:  The Runner’s Gait
  • What:  A 15 minute session of rolling to prime your body for the run with the FitBar
  • Slots:  FitBars will be provided, however, there are only 15 slots available!

To secure a slot for yourself at the Pre-Run Roll, just email us at [email protected] with the subject “Roll With It”.  Alternatively, leave you name on our FB page as a comment under the post about the Pre-Run Roll and you’re in!

Time for a Massage!

Injury Prevention is the key to a long, enjoyable career in running and it beats searching for a cure when the trouble starts.

As athletes, we can take charge of our health instead of waiting till its too late.  I don’t think any of us enjoys having to see a physio or sports doctor on a regular basis.

Along with stretching and a proper cool down regime after training, self massage can play a key role in keeping your legs fresh as a daisy!  A couple of minutes everyday will have you rearing to go and help keep the doctor away.

You already know our first item – The Fit Bar!

Fit Bar – Roll with it!

The Massage Stick – Available in 2 Lengths!

The Stick (62cm)
The Travel Stick (46cm)

 The Foot Wheel – designed to treat Plantar Faciitis and sooth aching, tired feet!

Developed to treat Plantar Faciitis

All available at The Runner’s Gait!