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5 Minute Review – adidas adizero Takumi Ren 2

The Takumi series of shoes is designed with direct input from Master Craftsman, Hitoshi Mimura.

The original Takumi Ren boasted the use of premium materials in the upper (a different suede from all other adizero shoes) with adidas’ Torsion & Sprintframe systems blended into an outsole with a (claimed) 4mm heel drop.

205g for a US 8.5
205g for a US 8.5

The new version of the Takumi Ren comes in at the same weight as it’s predecessor.  My size US 8.5 weighed 205g, a little lighter than many of the other lightweight trainers from other brands.  And yes, the Takumi Ren 2 remains the ‘training’ model of the Takumi series.

Similar outsole to the first generation Takumi Ren.  Minor difference in the tread pattern
Similar outsole to the first generation Takumi Ren. Minor difference in the tread pattern

With little to no information on the Takumi Ren (in English, anyway) available, I’m going to guess that they retained the same heel drop for the Ren 2.  I tried both pairs on and it’s hard to tell them apart.  That having been said, it seems that the outsole unit has remained fairly unchanged – the Takumi Ren 2 are close to ground, responsive and lightly cushioned.  While the Ren 2 are no where near as stiff as the adios 2, you get plenty of return from them and you’ll definitely be trotting along with a spring in your step.

Lightweight mesh upper is thinner than on the original
Lightweight mesh upper is thinner than on the original

The biggest difference in the new Takumi Ren seems to be in the upper.  The lightweight mesh is thinner and more breathable than before.  In fact, it is reminiscent of the Takumi Sen.  The upper has taken on a bit more seamless technology especially around the toe box, so leaving your socks at home when you’re running in these will not be a problem.  The more minimalist upper does have a trade off though.  Compared to the original, the Ren 2 feel more comfortable with it’s soft, supple upper.  However, even with what looks like a similar heel cup, the Ren 2 does not lock the foot in as securely.  I experienced a small amount of heel lift in the Ren 2 where there was none before.  This was not a big deal as I appreciated the additional comfort and a simple re-lacing of the shoe got the job done.

Pretty Sweet.

The Takumi Ren 2 feels like a good update.  Personally, I am glad they went for a slightly more minimalist feel with this one.  It makes the Takumi Ren 2 feel like a faster shoe that you would be happy to race in, but still has a bit more cushioning than a real racing flat.  The Ren 2 is true to size and has a generous amount of space in the toe box.  Experienced runners will like the Ren 2 for their faster sessions and tempo runs especially.

The Takumi Ren 2 retails for $199 and is available now in sizes US 6.5 – 10.5.

This is a limited release so please email us at [email protected] or call 64567868 to reserve a pair.

Available Now – adizero Takumi Sen & Takumi Ren

They have landed!

adizero Takumi Sen (racer) – $229

Takumi Sen, US 9 - 175g
Takumi Sen, US 9 – 175g

adizero Takumi Ren – $209

Takumi Ren, US 9 - 200g
Takumi Ren, US 9 – 200g

We’ve tried to pull in as many pairs as we could get our hands on.  We cannot be certain if we will be able to get more stock of these models this season.

Coming Soon – Adidas adizero Takumi Sen & Takumi Ren


The Adidas adizero Takumi Sen (racer) & Takumi Ren (lightweight trainer) are on their way.  Both models are unisex and follow the standard adidas men’s sizing.

Takumi Sen - $229
Takumi Sen – $229

And it’s little brother:

Takumi Ren - $209
Takumi Ren – $209

Both these shoes will be available in a limited quantity in the 2nd half of next week.

They are available for pre-orders now.  To pre-order your shoes, just send an email with the subject “Takumi Pre-Order” with your contact details, model and size (please state whether US or UK) to [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you.



Brand New adidas for Spring 2013

Spring is always an exciting time for running shoes.  Many of the big brands drop their new racers and lightweight trainers as the racing season starts to pick up.

We’ve got 2 shoes from adidas to kick off Spring 2013.

The first is the adidas adizero Adios 2.  This shoe needs no introduction.  Worn by numerous champions, this is the shoe that set the marathon world record.  It receives a colour update for this season.

Marathon?  No problem!  These shoe eat marathons for breakfast.
Marathon? No problem! These shoe eat marathons for breakfast.

The 2nd shoe we have is something we’re very excited about.  The adidas adizero Takumi Ren is the brother of adidas’ premier racer, the Takumi Sen.

The Takumi Ren is supposed to be the slightly heavier, more cushioned trainer, but at 205g for a men’s US 9.5, it seems pretty light to us!  We’ve heard that these are gonna be on a pretty limited run here in Singapore so we’re trying to get hold of as many of them as possible.  Lightweight, extremely breathable racing upper, high traction outsole and high-performance cushioning make this is very cool shoe to have as the season gets going.

People actually get out of the way when they see you running in these
People actually get out of the way when they see you running in these

The Adios 2 retails for $189 and the Takumi Ren retails for $199.  Available now at

New Shoes, New Shoes!

Ahhh…there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as unboxing new shoes, is there??  No one else agrees…?  Just me then…?

Ok, be that as it may, we’ve got a few new shoes in the store today, 2 from Nike and 2 from adidas.

First up, we have the adidas adizero Adios 2.  This is an upgrade to their ultra popular marathon racer.  Even before this shoe was released to the public, it was already on the feet of the pros, breaking records around the world.  With Continental rubber for extra traction and a great fit, this is a racer that will go the distance.

adizero adios 2 – $189

Next, the adidas adizero Mana 7.  I’m happy to see that they’ve shaved some weight off the previous iteration of this model.  The Mana 7 looks and feels like a faster shoe.  It is a lightweight trainer that you would not mind wearing to the races.  Runners that experience mild pronation when they run will like that the small support block in the midsole does not detract from the snappy response of the Mana 7.

adizero Mana 7 – $169

Flywire makes its return to Nike’s top of the line racer, the Lunarspider R3.  The upper is constructed from a single layer Mono Diva Mesh that along with the flywire, provides a good amount of support from such a lighweight shoe.  The upper can be a little stiff at the beginning, although a wearing-in period for the R3 seems to take care of any issues.  Compared to the R2, the heel drop has been reduced ever so slightly.  The full length Lunarlon midsole delivers a smooth transition from initial contact through to toe off.  You’ll be forgiven for thinking that you’re flying while in these shoes.

Nike Lunarspider R3 – $189

Keeping this simple, we have a colour update to the popular Nike Zoom Speed Lite ST+ 4.  With many of Nike’s offerings being built off the Lunar platform, this is one of the remaining performance trainers that use the trusty Zoom Air platform.  This has always been one of my favourite pairs of trainers.  It is lightweight enough for tempo work and the small block of support just behind the arch of the shoe will be well received by the mild pronators amongst us.  There are no super fancy add-ons or flashing lights with the Speed Lite, but what you get is a shoe that delivers the goods run after run after run.

Nike Zoom Speed Lite ST+ 4 – $189

All shoes are available now!

Adidas Adizero Adios for women – Some Pictures

Hey all, I would review the Adidas Adizero Adios for women if I could but I really don’t want to stretch out a perfectly good pair of shoes (we did a review of the Adios for men earlier this year and you can read it here).  So here are some photos so you can have a better look!

195g for a women’s US8
this is a good looking shoe

The outsole is slightly different from the last pair of Adios that we managed to get our hands on.  Still there are the Torsion system and the mix of blown rubber (pink) & Quickstrike (black dots).  A new feature is the addition of Sticky Rubber which will improve the amount of traction.

Slightly different outsole from the previous Adios we reviewed
A good pick for your year end marathon

The Adidas Adizero Adios for women is available NOW at The Runner’s Gait.

The 5 Minute Review: Adidas Adizero Feather

New from Adidas for the last quarter of the year is the Adidas Adizero Feather.

Adizero Feather for men (black colourway)

Why is this a “5 Minute Review”?  That’s because I literally wore these shoes for 5 mins, which included a minute and a half on the treadmill.  So here’s a very brief, first impression of these shoes. 

185g for a US8

Weighing in at a featherweight (get it?  featherweight?  the shoe is called the ‘Feather”?  no?  ok less comedy, more reviewing) 185g for a US8, this shoe is touted as Adidas’ lightest trainer ever.  If your first thought was that this looks more like a soccer boot than a running shoe, its not your eyes playing tricks on you.  The Feather is actually modelled after the very popular Adizero F50 soccer boot.  The Feather uses a open mesh SPRINTWEB upper that is reinforced in key areas to provide great support, comfort and breathability.

the unique SPRINTFRAMEYes, thats a hole in the outsole
What’s interesting about this shoe is really the outsole.  Adidas utilises their SPRINTFRAME which had full forefoot adPRENE+, usual Adidas features Torsion and adiWEAR are also there.  The SPRINTFRAME is actually missing parts of the outsole that you would expect to see in a ‘traditional’ shoe.  This helps with the weight reduction of the shoe I’m sure and does not compromise the level of cushioning.  In fact, I was very surprised at the responsiveness and cushioning of the Feather. 
Standing around in the Feather, they are very comfortable but I had my concerns about how much support they would provide for me, the runner low arched feet.  Once you start running in them though, the SPRINTFRAME provides a nice responsive ride and I personally wasn’t worried about pronation (and believe me, I pronate quite a bit). 
A nice option in the lightweight trainer category
 The Feather runs true to size and the upper has a narrower fit as you’d expect from a shoe in this category.  It is a comfortable shoe but I would recommend socks as it does not appear to have a no-sew construction in the upper.  My only gripe is that owing to the unique shape of the SPRINTFRAME, it felt like there was a linear bump running across my midfoot when I put my weight down which coincided with the area of the outsole that was removed from its construction.  Without more time in the shoe, it is hard to know if it is something you get used to.
Overall, an interesting shoe that is worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little different in terms of design.  A responsive, well cushioned shoe in a lightweight package.
Available NOW at The Runner’s Gait.

Preview: New Footwear for October!

As we approach the last quarter of the year, here’s a quick preview of some of the new footwear that will be landing in The Runner’s Gait very very soon!

What’s in this post:

  • we’ve got a new colour way for a big time fan favourite – the Adidas Adizero Adios for women
  • next up, the Brand NEW Adizero Feather for men.  This is the lightest training shoe released by Adidas and is modelled after the wildly popular Adizero F50 soccer boot.
  • The New Balance RC1400 is the latest shoe to be built using the new Revlite platform.  Available in both men’s and women’s models.
    Adizero Adios for women
    Adizero Feather for men

    New Balance RC1400 for women and men

Shoe Review: Adidas Adizero Adios

Shoe: Adidas Adizero Adios (Run White/Black/Uni Red)

Size:  Men’s US8

Lalala!! The Runner’s Gait is an authentic running resource and we pride ourselves on being objective when it comes to the shoes that we carry at the store.  Every brand gets a fair shout, so here’s a review of the Adidas Adizero Adios!

I haven’t worn a pair of Adidas since I was in Secondary school quite a few years ago, so it was a little foreign trying these shoes out.  Weighing in at 200g (for a men’s US8), the Adios has been worn by various champions and probably most famously by Haile Gebrselassie.  Haile wore a pair of Adios when he set the marathon world record of 2hr 03min 59sec at the Berlin Marathon in 2008.

One of the lightest Adidas shoes available in Singapore

For most, if its good enough for Haile, its gotta be good enough for us!  But let’s dive into the shoe a little deeper.

The upper is an open mesh material which is very breathable.  You can actually see the colour of your socks through the upper.  It also has a thin, soft tongue that does not get in the way when you slip the shoe on.  The trademark Adidas stripes on the sides aren’t there purely for aesthetics, these stripes are actually overlays that help to secure the foot in place when you lace up.  As the overlays are fairly thick, you can feel them pressing against the arch of your foot if your foot happens to be a little wider.  It is not uncomfortable, but its a feeling that I could have done without.  The toe box is fairly wide and my toes had lots of wiggle room.  The Adios uses a very rigid heel cup to hold the foot in position.  While it felt secure enough when I was walking around, my heel did move around a little once I got to running.  This could have been the result of a wrongly sized shoe rather than an inadequate heel cup.  I found the Adios to run a little long, so you might want to size down by 1/2 a size.

The type of outsole more typical of a racer than a trainer

The outsole is a mix of blown rubber (blue) and Quickstrike (black dots) that gives the Adios improved traction, durability and flexibility while keeping weight to a minimum.  The wishbone shaped Torsion unit in the midsole improves the stability of the shoes while allowing the the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently of each other. 

The Adios is classically cool

In terms of cushioning, the Adios has a lot to offer.  It utilizes 2 different compounds, one for the forefoot area and one for the heel area.  In the heel is where you will find adiPRENE, the more resilient shock absorbing compound.  The forefoot uses adiPRENE+ which offers more in terms of energy return to help keep the spring in your step.

This shoe is pitched as a marathon racer that is equally adept as a race day option and as a more regular usage lightweight trainer.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with the fit of the shoe but that might be fixed by going down a half size.  Aside from that, the overlays do a pretty good job of securing the foot while running.  I would have preferred a more snug fitting heel cup though.  At any pace quicker than a brisk jog, my feet felt locked down at the midfoot, but there was definitely too much movement in the heel for my liking.

For the heel strikers out there or anyone else who has felt their running form fall to bits late in a run, you will appreciate the adiPRENE unit in the heel that provides a very high level of cushioning.  I like having the little black studs in the forefoot and I think that does set this shoe apart from most regular trainers.  You always feel a bit quicker in shoes with these features (often a take down from Japanese series racers) and they provide a nice feel for the ground.

As a midfoot striker (most of the time at least…when I’m not too tired…I think), I found the Adios to be on the stiffer side.  This is probably due to the torsion unit in the midsole.  While the Adios gives you good contact with the ground, it is not quite as responsive as other shoes in this similar weight class. 

Go long and go fast

The Adios is designed for neutral runners and is a good option as a lightweight shoe for those long runs.  High mileage shoes don’t have to weigh a brick!  The Adios will also handle tempo runs and speed work sessions with ease.  It is a very versatile shoe and one that you could train and race in.  This shoe might be overlooked for anything at the half marathon distance or shorter, but the good cushioning and stability features of this shoe make the Adios an ideal choice as a long distance racer.

Just for the Ladies

What a wet Sunday we’re having.

It is exactly 4 weeks to the largest women’s only run in Singapore, the GE Women 10km! 

As race day draws closer, The Runner’s Gait has great gear for the ladies.

We’ve got apparel from Adidas and Nike, running caps and visors by Headsweats and Compressport.  Speaking of Compressport, they have the blinged out R2 women’s edition in pink (guys, its ok if you want to wear this too!).  Whether its for Race or Recovery, they’ll have you looking good and feeling awesome.

Need a new pair of shoes?  Or 2?  or 3? 

(L-R) Adidas Adizero Ace, Saucony Kinvara, Nike LunaRacer+
(L-R) Mizuno Wave Rider 14, New Balance 890 in 2 colourways
(L-R) New Balace 870, Mizuno Wave Nexus, Adidas Adizero Tempo

In addition to our current set of promotions, we will be offering a 10% discount on all Nike products (footwear and apparel) till 30 June 2011.

See you at the store!