When you come to The Runner’s Gait, you’ll be treated to great service and great products, but don’t just take our word for it!  Come to the store and experience it for yourself!

Read what other’s are saying about us and the products we carry, just please click here –> What Our Customers Say

Some of What They’re Saying

” …… i was able to see how different types of running shoes will affect my running, and more appropriate shoes were recommended. All in all, it is definitely a positive experience for anyone interested in running.”          – Jiale

The thing that caught my notice about the shop is the feeling that this shop is really focus on runners …… But, the main focus of the Runner’s gait is to help novice/experienced runners to get a pair of correct shoes through their video gait analysis …… I would advice my friends who are new to running or serious runners to go to Runner’s Gait for a visit. I believe when they step out of the shop, they would take back more than just a pair of shoes.”          – John

From the detailed analysis and explanation from the professionals at The Runner’s Gait, I have learnt so much more about my running posture. This is very important as running economically is one of the key to performing. (:” – Lionel

I bought Compressport – Quads, with the recommendation of Shifu Shan. The first thing that surprised me was the availability of a compression wear that focuses on the quads …… I used this compression for quads throughout the entire 100km without taking them off (you can see my pics). Thumbs up for this product as it did not soak up as much sweat as I’ve expected, plus the compression really help. The return leg at coastal was a dreadful one but I managed to run continuously without any cramps.”          – Darren (9th place at the Sundown Ultra 100km 2011)

Thank you, Sham, for helping me with the gait analysis and for recommending me the appropriate shoes. Today is a new milestone for me, as I realized that I do not have to buy ‘Stability’ shoes anymore!”          – Timothy

Verdict: Nike Lunar Spider+ LT is FAST woot! Thanks The Runner’s Gait for the recommendation!!  (never liked Nike Running shoes till Wille of The Runner’s Gait found me the perfect one….)”          – Meryl

told sham more about myself and the sports i do and also the pain i experience in my leg while running …… Sham showed me the video and explained the difference between my barefeet running and running with shoe. He explained the reason of me experiencing the pain in my leg was because of my landing …… The first thing i did when i went home was to try on the shoe and ran 4.8km without pain”          – Wen Tang

bought a pair of New Balance shoes at Runner’s Gait earlier this afternoon.  Just wanted to say thanks for the many many useful tips earlier, really appreciate it!!”          – JY

This shop is insane! Went to the new balance concept stores and the staff don’t even know they have certain racers. Runner’s Gait already carries certain models before the parent store and done the reviews – kudos to you guys! Much better than the fellas in any of the running labs i’ve been too”          – TJ

Used the Compressport calf guards for a recent two day Ultimate frisbee tournament and I was very impressed with how they helped prevent cramps and muscle fatigue, which would typically set in after the first day. I’d definitely recommend all you weekend warriors out there to give this compression gear a try!”          – Benjamin

“I did an easy run this morning with my new Compressport Gear: For QUAD and R2 sleeves! *IMPRESSED* with not only the compression but the colours too!”          – Melvin


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