First Run Review: adidas adizero Takumi Ren Boost

This review is about the new Takumi Ren Boost, which is effectively the Takumi Ren 3.  This is the first of the Takumi series to feature adidas’ new Boost cushioning compound.

if you can’t tell, it’s an adizero!

If you have known me for a while, you will know that it has been many moons since I owned a pair of adidas shoes.  You would have to go back to the original adidas Rocket.  You might also know that I have not been a fan of the Boost cushioning.  Having said that, I have actually only ever worn a pair of shoes with Boost around the adidas store for a few minutes.  But even then, there was something about it that never grew on me.

I actually really like the look of the Takumi Ren Boost

Some have commented that this is hardly the most exciting pair of shoes to look at, but I actually like them quite a bit!  I put them on and they were extremely comfortable right away.  Being an adizero shoe, this isn’t a particular wide model.  However, most runners will probably find the toe box sufficiently wide.  If you have a lower arch, you might find the midfoot portion on the narrower side, but it is not a deal breaker.  The upper is very supple and breathable, and while it is not seamless, the Tirrenina suede overlays ensure comfort is not compromised.  The heel cup of the Takumi Ren Boost is very secure and not as rigid as the one on the Takumi Ren 2.  Overall, big thumbs up in terms of fit!

184g for a US8.5

Claimed weight of the Takumi Ren Boost according to the adidas UK site is 170g for a UK8.5.  Unless I got an unusually fat pair of shoes, the Takumi Ren Boost weighs a little bit more but is still very light when pitted against other lightweight trainers.

Continental rubber as usual

The outsole utilises a combination of Continental rubber and Quickstrike (those little red dots) for excellent traction.  I ran after a slight drizzle and even over some wet patches, there was never any slipping or sliding around.  

Neutral with conservative heel drop

There is very little information about the Takumi Ren Boost at the moment but it looks like adidas stuck with a traditional heel drop this time.  One website stated that the heel drop was about 10mm which would make it the same as the adios 2.  The last two versions of the Takumi Ren have gone with a 6mm drop instead.  As with the adios 2, I can tell you that you don’t notice the heel drop at all when you are running.  In fact, the Takumi Ren Boost has great ground feel.  The shoes are close to ground, not overly stiff even with the new Torsion system and fit like a glove.  Forefoot, Midfoot, Heel Strike, do whatever you want, the shoes are up to the task.

My only complaint is that the Takumi Ren Boost isn’t the most responsive shoe out there.  With its combination of excellent fit, good feel and light weight, I thought that this pair of shoes would be doing the running for me!  Once I got over the initital disappointment (it only lasted a few minutes), I really enjoyed running in the Takumi Ren Boost.  The way the Takumi Ren Boost utilizes the Boost cushioning is great, allowing the shoe to deliver more cushioning than any other in it’s weight class.  So while you won’t get that instant acceleration of a racer, the Takumi Ren Boost offers all the other things you love about a lightweight shoe but with enough cushioning for the long run.  You might never use your thick daily trainers again.

The Takumi Ren Boost runs true to size and comes in a regular width.  It is available now and retails for $199 while stocks last.

4 thoughts on “First Run Review: adidas adizero Takumi Ren Boost”

  1. hollyoak says:

    Thanks for the review, first one I’ve seen for the Ren Boost! I’m a big fan of the Adios Boost 2 and was wondering if there was any point in giving the Ren Boost a try? Did you get a chance to try the AB2, even briefly ? Thanks!

    1. TRG says:

      Hi Hollyoak, I’ve tried in the adios Boost but have never run in them. I personally preferred the adios 2 to the adios Boost as I felt the original was a bit more responsive, with a stiffer Torsion system. I do know some runners that swear by their adios Boost though.

      The Ren Boost will be an option if you are looking for a less cushioned alternative. The Takumi series have always had a more minimalistic approach. If while running in your adios Boost, you have ever thought to yourself that your body didn’t need as much cushioning or an even lighter shoe would be nice, then the Takumi Ren Boost might be what you are after.

  2. hollyoak says:

    Thanks for the additional details and you make a good point about “needing” the Ren vs the AB2…I’ve certainly never felt that they gave too much cushioning or were too heavy, but then my everyday running shoe is the Glide Boost 6. But then you sometimes don’t think you need something until you’ve tried it😉

    Rereading your review I noticed you were surprised by the weight and an Adidas rep said in the Let’s Run forums that 170g was for the Sen 3/Boost and that the Ren 3/Boost weighed in at 200g in fact. He also said the drop was 10mm.

    1. TRG says:

      Ah, that would make sense about the shoe weights! Thanks for the info.

      If you can go with less cushioning, give the Ren Boost a try!


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