5 Minute Review – Asics Gel Hyper Tri

Could Singapore actually be ahead of the new-shoe-release-curve for once?  As unbelievable as it might seem, this looks to be true!  A quick search for “Asics Hyper Tri” either turns up a list of unrelated links or an “Available in Jan 2015” message. So here’s a quick heads-up on Asics’s new triathlon specific offering for Spring 2015 – the Hyper Tri.

165g for a US 8.5
165g for a US 8.5
Looks just like the Hyperspeed 6

At first glance, the new Hyper Tri bears a striking resemblance to the 2014 Hyperspeed 6.  The outsole is almost identical, down to the drainage port.  Heavy sweaters rejoice! While the Hyper Tri is a neutral shoe and has the same 6mm heel drop as the Hyperspeed (according to Running Warehouse), the Hyper Tri packs more cushioning than the latter (4mm more to be precise).  You feel the additional cushioning immediately, making this feel far more like a all-purpose lightweight trainer rather than single function race day shoe.

Not super impressed with the colourway...
Not super impressed with the colourway…

The men’s Hyper Tri is unlikely to win the “Best Looking Shoe” award, although the women’s model does fare better.  However, the Hyper Tri certainly runs better than it looks.  It also features a different overlay pattern than the Hyperspeed.  Some of the stitching over the toe box has been moved to make it even more suited to sockless use. Asics users will find the Gel cushioning familiar and the shoe is fairly responsive.

In some ways, it reminds me of the New Balance RC1400.  The Hyper Tri has a fair amount of cushioning and is firm underfoot for the longer runs.  It is also nimble enough for your speedier workouts.

Save your $$, it comes with elastic laces!
Save your $$, it comes with elastic laces!

Just to drive home the message that Asics is serious about triathlon, the shoes also come with a pair of elastic laces.  The addition of the heel and tongue loop should make transitions a breeze. If you’re familiar with the Hyperspeed 6, you can think of the Hyper Tri as the beefier cousin that spent a lot of time working out in the gym.   They are more cushy, in the upper and in the midsole, making the Hyper Tri a bit more comfortable as compared to the stripped down Hyperspeed 6.  The toe box is pretty generous as well.  It’s a nice, fast, lightweight addition to the Asics triathlon line up that for so long, only offered the fairly chunky Gel Noosa Tri.

The Hyper Tri runs about a half size small (I am a US 8.5 in almost everything but will wear a US 9.0 in these), even if you’re not going to wear any socks.  They are available in men’s (US 7.0 – 11.0) and women’s (US 6.0 – 9.5).  The Asics Gel Hyper Tri is available in store now and retails for $169.

ladies’ Hyper Tri