Around the World on a Bicycle

I went for a ride last weekend.  I rode about 90km and I was quite pleased with myself.  I met a man yesterday that put me shame…many times over.

Our good friend Arnaud brought Marc Delval by TRG yesterday and it was a real pleasure to meet the man that has cycled 90,000km round the world.  And he’s not done yet.

Marc, after crossing the Woodlands Causeway Photo: Arnaud Selukov

Marc is here in Singapore for a week then he’s off to Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and a few more places before he finishes his journey next year.  At the end of it all, he would have ridden around 115,000km.

Keeping with tradition, Marc tries to participate in a marathon if the city he’s passing through happens to have one taking place.  So keep a look out for him this weekend at the Sundown Marathon.

so many miles, so many stories to tell!
so many miles, so many stories to tell!

We wish him safe travels and look forward to following the rest of his amazing journey!

Here’s an article from the Macau Daily Times on Marc written last September:

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Update: Mizuno Wave Hitogami

So I’ve had some time to put a couple of runs in with the Wave Hitogami and here’s a quick update.

The Wave Hitogami has had some big shoes to fill this year as it replaced not one, but two models i.e. Wave Ronin and Wave Musha. It might be strange to expect the neutral Wave Hitogami to replace both a neutral shoe (Ronin) and a support shoe (Musha), but I must say that it does an admirable job!


The use of the U4ic cushioning compound allows for a 30% weight saving but does not sacrifice on cushioning. This is a lightweight trainer that can take the longer miles. Another nice feature is the wider, full ground contact outsole that provides a very stable platform. Mizuno’s ever reliable wave technology in the heel makes running in these shoes a real treat.

Fit-wise, the Hitogami’s have a generous amount of space in the toe box while the well placed heat bonded overlays ensure that your foot is securely locked in. I’ve only put about 150+ km in these shoes, but the X10 rubber outsole looks A-okay.

These shoes have really grown on me and I’m enjoying running in them more and more. Initially, I had my reservations because the Hitogami’s will not be the most responsive shoes you ever run in. They may not be my first choice if I ever had to do a 5km road race, but for everything else, I’d be happy to lace up the Wave Hitogami.