We’re always looking for products that athletes will appreciate.

We’re starting to build an accessories corner with cool items that all of us will have room for in our gear cabinet.

Something for everyone
Something for everyone
  • Aquasphere Goggles – some of the most comfortable goggles we’ve tried!
  • Fix It Sticks – Super innovative bike tools. ¬†One of the lightest tools in the world at barely 50g a pair.
  • Race Belts
  • Roo Sport (belt less pocket for runners)
  • Zip Laces
  • Visors and Caps

Here are a few more pictures of the Fix It Sticks:

Photo: Updated photos of our current design as of 5-31-13

Photo: Fix It Sticks in action</p>
<p>Photo: Crowd Supply

And here’s a pic or two of the popular Roo Sport – go beltless while running!

Photo: Copyright 2005

See you soon!

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