New Balance Minimus Amp (MT1010) – A Quick Word

I have wanted to take these shoes out for a try for a while now, but its hard to run around on the trails then put the shoes back in the box without the next customer figuring out that something was amiss.

So until I get a pair for myself, I slipped on the Minimus Amp (also known as the MT1010) and did my usual dance around the store and on the treadmill.

Fit-wise, the MT1010 is very comfortable and is true to size.  While the midfoot and heel cup are not super snug, they held my foot firmly enough.  The upper is constructed from a very light, synthetic mesh and features welded seams which add to the comfort of the shoe.  Runners with wide feet will also appreciate the roomy toe box.

200g for a US8…where’s the rest of it?

Chances are, this pair of trail shoes is lighter than the current pair of road shoes you’re using.  At 200g for a men’s US8, they definitely have that ‘barely there’ sort of feeling.  However, the 19 Vibram rubber covered lugs and RevLite midsole deliver increased levels of cushioning over other shoes in the Minimus range.  I’ve heard that this added cushioning has been very well received by runners that are do ultra trail.

With the 4mm heel drop, the Minimus Amp has a real close to ground feel and is more responsive than some road shoes I’ve tested in the past.  Running on the treadmill, they felt light and nimble, and will go far to breaking the stereotype of trail shoes being clumsy and chunky.  My only complaint so far is with the unnecessarily long shoe laces on this thing!

The smooth shop floor offered little challenge to the new trail shoes

The MT1010 has a rockplate that is surprisingly responsive and flexible.  I’m very keen to try these out on the trails and see if they provide enough cushioning and protection for the novice trail runner like me!  A trail update to follow.

You can pick up the Minimus Amp (MT1010) at The Runner’s Gait now for $165.

2 thoughts on “New Balance Minimus Amp (MT1010) – A Quick Word”

  1. Sanja says:

    Thanks for your help yesterday. Took the shoes for a run today and was quite happy with them. The fit is OK perhaps not as snug as I am used to but as a whole they provided a nice protective layer, the rocks were not an issue and the shoes felt light and responsive. A great pair to have while I am still learning and exploring the world of running shoes. As mentioned yesterday, gear has always been secondary to running (run first then worry about gear) and now that I have to actually replace my existing shoes I thought it might pay to give it some consideration. So much to learn!

    Once again, your help was greatly appreciated.

    1. TRG says:

      Hi Sanja, apologies for taking so long to reply.
      It was a pleasure to be able to help you out and hopefully we managed to get you one step closer to finding the perfect shoe!
      Happy running!


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