Ah the weekend!  We’ve got some brand new products from COMPRESSPORT, in store and ready to go!

The COMPRESSPORT Pro Racing Triathlon Shirt and Shorts are the perfect complement to any triathlete’s wardrobe.  Once you’ve tried them, they’ll be at the top of you list of Must-Haves.  You’ll never leave home without them!  (Although its fair to note that while the Triathlon Shirt and Shorts combo is wickedly awesome, they may not always be deemed appropriate attire for certain social functions)

Pro Racing Triathlon

The R2 colours just keep getting more eye catching!  The latest additions are Purple and Light Blue.  So now you never have to worry about not having the right R2s to match you training and racing attire.  The complete colour range of R2 calf sleeves now comprises of Black, White, Orange, Blue, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Green, Red, Yellow, Purple and Light Blue.

Colours sold separately and not as the pair shown above

There is race outcome more hated than a “DNF” – Did Not Finish.  The COMPRESSPORT team certainly agree and have launched a casual T-shirt to say so –  Death Before DNF!

Rock it with pride

And for the cyclists, we’ve heard the feedback and come back with a new, improved water bottle that will fit perfectly into your bottle cages!

Compress your water. Ok no, they just hold water like regular bottles.

All items are now available at The Runner’s Gait!

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