Showdown: Nike Lunarspider R2 vs. Lunarspider LT+ 2

We’ve fielded quite a few questions about these two shoes of late so we thought we’d give you the tale of the tape!

Head to head, what is the difference between the Lunarspider R2 and the LT+ 2??  About 45g!

R2 on the left, LT+ 2 on the right

The R2 is a racing flat and under most circumstances, is very unlikely to be your shoe of choice for training.  That is unless you have a 5km time trial pencilled in, then that’s a different story.  The LT+ 2 is well…exactly as the name implies.  It’s a Lightweight Trainer.  You could do most of your training in them, but even then, while the LT+ 2’s will handle the distance, they are going to be more suited to your up tempo workouts rather than your long runs.

Hyperfuse vs. Flywire

The upper on the R2 is more minimal as compared to the LT+ 2.  Both shoes have a mesh upper but the R2 uses Hyperfuse to cut the excess weight off, while providing a good amount of strength and security.  The LT+ 2 on the other hand, uses Flywire, which made its debut at the 2008 Olympics (fun trivia fact!).  Both shoes are not designed specifically to be used sock-less.

Full length Lunarlon cushioning

Being a racer, the R2 has substantially less cushioning and a slightly smaller heel drop of about 6mm.  The LT+ 2 has a heel-to-toe differential that is probably about 8mm instead.  The R2 will definitely get you closer to the ground, but the LT+ 2 is going to help you out a bit more over the longer distances.

Closer to the ground; Close to the ground

In the end, it comes down to what you’re looking for because both shoes are very responsive and offer great traction.  A race day only option for that will make you feel like you’re flying, you’re going to want to pick up the R2.  Don’t count on any extra cushioning and support though.  The LT+ 2 is going to be more forgiving.  Light and fast enough for racing when you don’t want to feel every single bump and crack in the road.

No prizes for guessing which one has more cushioning

Either way, which ever you choose, it’s speed in a box.

lt+ 2lunarspider+niker2

9 thoughts on “Showdown: Nike Lunarspider R2 vs. Lunarspider LT+ 2”

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  3. Gustavo says:

    I know you mentioned the Nike Spider LT 2 is best suited for up tempo runs although it could handle longer. Do you think they could handle a full marathon? (Basically a 5 month training plan + the actual race) Thanks!

    1. TRG says:

      Hi Gustavo,

      I think the Lunarspider LT+ 2 would handle the marathon distance fine. It has sufficient cushioning and would make an excellent race day shoe. If you are planning to use the Lunarspider LT+ 2 to train for the marathon, I would suggest having at least another pair to swap around to extend the life of the shoes.

      1. Gustavo says:

        I have one more question. I’m about to buy a pair of Lunarspider LT +2 shoes on Nike iD. Do you know if they run large, normal or small? I normally wear 9.5 shoes. I do plan on using them for a marathon. I will follow your advice of swapping them with other shoes during training. Please let me know your opinion on sizing. Thanks again!

      2. TRG says:

        Hi Gustavo, I hope you get this reply in time.
        The Lunarspider LT+ 2 runs true to size. So if you want a bit more room for the marathon, you may want to go a half size up just in case.
        They are a great pair of shoes, you’ll enjoy using them.

  4. Alexandre says:


    I have the LT2 and love them for fast training. Interrested in the R2. How do they size?



    1. TRG says:

      Hi Alexandre, the fit is a bit closer as you would expect from a racing flat, but I would say go for the same size as your LT+ 2.


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